High-quality Process Introduction

Superb Design is the Ability to Turn Pictures into Lifelike Objects. 

Every detail is a reflection of professionalism, every beard, hair, and circumference of the character, the drawing of the eyes to imagine that this is a real person in front of him, to make him come to life; every depiction of the letters, the brushwork, the matching of round diamonds and emerald diamonds, baguette diamonds, the layout, setting position and size of thousands of diamonds will affect the brilliance of the pendant.

Team of Experienced Designers

BORNREAL has 14 designers with an average of more than 7 years of design experience, including 6 with more than 12 years of design experience, and our chief designer has been in charge of several top brands and designed thousands of beautiful styles for them.

From Designs to Accuracy

The next step in the design process is to slurp the wax. We will use a multi-million-dollar 3D printer and use the best red wax as the raw material to print out the mold with the same accuracy and flawlessness as the design. We have 2 3D printers, and the cost of BORNREAL's molds is twice as much as other factories, in order to present the exact result that our customers want.

Hand Crafted by Masters

BORNREAL's masters usually need to rub a knife back and forth thousands of times, just to make the surface of a finger smoother and smoother.


Embedding is the most tedious and tiring process. Thousands of diamonds need to be picked out manually according to the design, sorted, and smoothed out one by one with a microscope of several dozen letters.

Our Will-Not-Fall-Out Diamonds

Set in four claws, BORNREAL's jewelry is seamlessly set, which ensures that the diamonds are so strong that they will not fall out or fail to sparkle with prolonged wear. It is no exaggeration to say that setting is the most important process that determines the quality and brilliance of a piece of jewelry. Our eight setters, who have been working in the factory for more than 15 years, have probably set more than a million diamonds in the town. Every time they finish a piece, they smile happily, and I prefer to call it a work of art. It is only by comparison that you will find such a big difference in money inlay techniques.


The polishing step also affects whether the jewelry can be shiny or not. The speed should not be too fast, which will lead to unclean jewelry, and not shiny enough, and not too slow, which will lead to the metal is worn off, the strength and angle of the learning grip to be very precise.


The last step is electroplating, which is a very important step. BORNREAL's jewelry is plated with the highest grade of vermeil plating, which is a thick plating of sterling silver and then a thick plating of gold. 18K real gold, continuous electric silver 5 times, to ensure that the jewelry normal wear for a long time still shine!