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Bornreal Brand Story - Bornreal Jewelry

Hi guys!

I still remember the shock in my first visit to a jewelry factory when I was 16 years old. The dull, dull metal, turned into glamorous and breathtaking jewels in the skillful hands of the artisans! “I want these beautiful jewels to be born in my hands too!” So I got into this industry and became a jeweler.
I became a hop-hop music fan 11 years ago and have always been inspired by the spirit of pursuing freedom and truth. Also, with my excellent handcrafting skills, I started producing for some famous hip-hop jewelry brands – products with the best quality but a low price. Till now, I have completed over 100,000 beautiful handmade hip-hop chains and pendants. Very few of them had quality issues due to long distance shipping.
In recent years, a lot of celebrities posted videos on YouTube saying they bought expensive but fake jewelry that didn't even pass the diamond test, which made me angry! Being in the industry for 21 years, I know high quality jewelry could also be affordable, so I determined to set up my own brand, to let hip-hop lovers around the world know that everyone can afford high-quality jewelry, and everyone deserves unique jewelry designs!
BornReal was born in 2022, and we insist on:
  1. Handsetting every diamond with a microscope to avoid cracks that could cause diamonds to fall out;
  2. Hand polishing every diamond to let every face of the jewelry sparkle;
  3. Always using 18k vermeil gold plating to ensure the jewelry won’t fade over time


Every piece of BORNREAL jewelry is precious handmade artwork that also makes you shine in the crowd! As time goes by, the jewelry will not fade easily, and so as the hip-hop spirit in our mind!
If you get it one day, please treat it well.
Born Real, Live Free!

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